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Should a teacher be allowed to decide whether or not they want to incorporate technology in their instruction?

Given the realities of our modern age and the demands of our children’s future, is it really ok to allow teachers to choose whether or not they incorporate modern technologies into their instruction?”

There is a numerous amount of educators that might agree with incorporating modern technologies into their instruction since it benefits them and their students. Yet other educators stand on teaching without using technology. From my personal experience in school, I believe that teachers must integrate the use of technology into their instruction.

Classrooms are made up of different types of learners. The teacher can target all different types of learning styles when using technology. There is an expectation in society for future students. In order to achieve that expectation educators must take advantage of the resources they have. Educators play a big role in the student’s life in learning strategies and skills to survive in society after graduating. For example, many students know how to surf the web for their own personal interests but when it comes to searching for reliable sources they tend to have difficulty doing that. I can personally agree with this since I’ve encountered various college students that are still having trouble mastering that skill. Certain skills like this are essential especially if that student wants to become a scientist, a doctor, a teacher, or any other profession. We wouldn’t want our future students to live a life using untrustworthy resources at their workplace, community, and in society. The main goal as educators is to expand the knowledge of these students who will be playing an important role in society in the future.

This video highlights the benefits technology has in the classroom. One thing that stuck out the most to me was the explanation of how technology is a tool, its what we do with that tool, and what we can make out of that tool. This can be from technology in the classroom, in a student’s life, and the way a teacher uses it. Teachers might be able to teach a lesson without integrating technology but using technology can make the lesson better. While teaching a lesson teachers are able to demonstrate various resources on the web that are available for the students. It promotes having an interactive classroom. Also, learning activities that include technology tends to help students reach higher-level thinking skills. There are some students that may not be exposed to technology at home and integrating technology into the curriculum for them is crucial.  Technology is an essential tool for a student’s future and teachers should incorporated into their instruction. At this point I can conclude saying that technology must be incorporated into the curriculum whether or not the teacher likes it since it plays an important use in the society today.