SPED 312

Teachers Need Feedback

There are plenty of things that need to improve in our education system. There are many people that provide ways to fix it in which sometimes demonstrates no improvement at all. We have increased funding before in hopes of higher test scores yet there wasn’t an improvement. There has been a controversy on what needs to be improved, who will help do this, and how much will it cost. Well we can’t solve all of the issues we have at once. We must take it day by day and hope that what we are doing today will help our current and future learners. There are different types of ways we can start making the education system better and it starts with the teachers.

The teachers are the ones that impact the students’ education. Yes there are other factors that play a role in the students’ education that could be improved but without an effective teacher we can’t have high hopes for our future society. I agree with Bill Gates that everyone needs other people to give feedback. Especially for teachers! We all become better versions of ourselves through people’s feedback. This feedback shouldn’t just include the word SATISFACTORY. I teacher won’t gain that much from just that word. The way we evaluate teachers’ today has always been an issue in our system. There is so much more than their students’ test scores.


At this point our education system is willing to try different things to see if there is any change with the students and teachers. I can’t assure that the teacher feedback system used in other countries will work in the United States but I do agree that if teachers share videos with other teachers they can get helpful feedback for future planning and teaching. Yet not every teacher will agree to do this. I think this type of method would work for new teachers going into the field since they haven’t had that much exposure in a classroom. I know I would want to participate and receive feedback from teachers that have taught special education for many years. It’s a great benefit for teachers. Teachers are always encouraged to use many of the resources provided for professional development and I believe this would be one of them.

The video shares how supporting teacher engagement is very important in the education system and it doesn’t matter if it’s a new teacher or a teacher that has taught for many years. Highly engaged teachers are the ones that create a success path for themselves and their students. We know teachers aren’t perfect and they can always improve. I liked the statement one of the teachers in the video said that all teachers are in the same journey of reaching to be an effective teacher. They must work as collaborative teams and give feedback to one another. This will definitely help each one become better teachers than what they were before.


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