SPED 312

Tweeting !



This tweet can benefit educators in their classroom. It can be a tool that can be used with interactive activities. This allows the teachers and the students to work together on the same activity. Students can add and edit things without getting out of their seat. This would be helpful in a special education classroom for the students that have difficulty to move around in the classroom. This allows them to participate in different activities without any obstacles. 


This app would benefit many educators especially bilingual teachers. This app is interactive and very easy to add and edit things in it. A teacher can use it as a supplement to their instruction. I like that these are visual stories and interactive books that a student and teacher would enjoy. I can see myself using this app with my future special education classroom. 




I believe using interactive activities with students is important. News-2-You is a great resource to use in the classroom when trying to share the world news with students. It’s a newspaper that is symbol-supported and plain text supported. There are newspapers with different reading levels. The teacher can also create his or her own news for their special education classroom. The newspapers can be printed or viewed through an iPad or similar technology. News-2-You also has a Spanish edition newspaper that could be used in a bilingual special education classroom. I really like this since I’m planning to be a bilingual special education teacher and this would be a great resource to use with my bilingual students. This would benefit many educators since it used instructional targets that connect between the standards and curriculum content for students with disabilities. 


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