SPED 312

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This tweet would be beneficial to other educators especially special education teachers. This is a digital storytelling app called Pictello.  It can be used with a variety of students. This app can allow the teacher to make their own story and share it with their students. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the students have to create personal stories they can also create stories related to topics being discussed in the classroom. Teachers could integrate this app into lessons. I’ve used it a few times and I personally like it since you can tell your own story with the recording of your voice. I can definitely see myself using this app in my future classroom.

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I thought this tweet was pretty interesting. Teachers can start planning in their lessons students using computer time instead of just working on a typical worksheet. Using computers or other technology devices makes the role of a teacher a bit easier. Students can advance to different levels on the assignment only if their device or teacher sees they are ready to. Teachers can observe the different progress the students are making through her/his computer. This decreases time of going around the class and trying to help every student even when sometimes they don’t need support. Allowing students to use technology like this permits the teacher to see who actually needs extra support in a certain area. I believe this is a great thing for classrooms. I could see myself using this in order to track my students’ progress in certain lessons.

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This tweet could help many educators since it teaches about ways to to have classroom management with iPads. The tips that certain resources like this provide could benefit many educators. Not all the classrooms are the same but all the tips and advise out there could help one of those teachers. Technology has come a long way when it comes to tracking behaviors of certain students whether they are positive or negative. Before teachers used a paper and a pencil to do this but now teachers could have this information online and even send it to the student’s parents electronically. This is just one of the pros that technology offers. Various of these apps reward students with games or other types of rewards when they get a certain amount of good points. It’s like a reward system but now integrated into the app. This would save the teacher time of tracking every students points and when they can receive an award. I could see myself using this since many students tend to need a type of reinforcement that will motivate them to model good behaviors.

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