SPED 312




This tweet caught my attention since cyberbullying has been an issue in schools for the past few years. Teachers teaching social media ethics can have an impact on reducing cyberbullying. Teachers are able to impact this issue through the teachings of social media ethics. Educators must be prepared to teach students how to use the internet properly. There are many ways to attack this issue through technology. I could see myself in the future teaching about cyberbullying and explaining how this can impact many people. Educators can find it beneficial to share different ideas on how to deal with this issue and different methods they can use to teach students about it. 




I was familiar with Google Docs but not Google+ Hangouts in the classroom. I thought this was really interesting. It seems like a great tool that teachers can use when trying to reach students out of the classroom. I did read that teachers need to put in time to learn how to use this but at the end it is worth it. The article shares different tips that can help the teacher use this effectively. It is great resource to use since it can be integrated into any classroom. I can definitely see myself using this in the future when I have to reach students that are out of the classroom. 





I found this tweet interesting since I’ve heard about teachers having trouble with technology in their classroom. Sometimes they don’t get properly trained or get no training at all. The article shares ideas of how to learn to use technology. A great tip the article mentions is building a team of educators that are using technology. This provides great feedback on what is working and what things need to be adjusted. I can see myself building a team like the one mentioned in the article. I would find this very beneficial since special education classrooms are filled with assistive technology. There is always going to be new devices coming into the classroom each year and teachers must be prepared to learn how to use it properly. The built team can help with this particular situation. 


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