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This article addresses distinctive challenges that low-income public schools encounter when using technology. Yet this article offers a great perspective from a school principal that transformed her school through technology. This principal begins her journey by explaining that it doesn’t matter exactly what type of technology tools you have but more importantly is what you do with them. This brought me back to an older post I created months ago in which I expanded on how technology is a tool, its what we do with that tool, and what we can make out of that tool. The principal suggests to just start building and sharing knowledge with other educators about the technology the school currently has. This allows for all teachers to be properly trained with the technology that is being used in that school. There are many other useful tips the principal mentions throughout this article. Many of her tips I can see myself using in the future. Any teacher in the school can jumpstart this technology journey. This has a great impact on the students’ education and teachers’ too.



This article has great information on how to build your digital portfolio. Students have to create a digital portfolio at some point in their career. In the past students created their portfolio using printed materials but now technology has changed how this is done. They can display their digital portfolio by using a variety of resources. For example, one teacher might use a blog while another decides to create a website. This allows the teacher to showcase his/her digital portfolio with administrators, teachers, parents, and students.  I really liked how they aligned the digital portfolio with the four domains of the Charlotte Danielson framework. I had heard about this framework at a professional development conference but I didn’t know that we could align it to our portfolio. I can definitely see how this would impact how teachers build their digital portfolio.



I feel like there are always new things to learn about technology that we have had for a while. Skype was introduced in 2003. I use Skype quite often but I didn’t know it could be included in the classroom in many distinctive ways. This article mentions three main categories that Skype can be used. These categories are collaborating, communicating, and connecting with others. There were different ideas listed under each of these categories that I hadn’t even thought of doing using Skype. For example, it can be used to have a parent teacher conference. We know parents are busy people too and this would allow another type of option to meet with them. Also, using Skype to connect with museums and requesting a tour is a pretty cool thing to do. I can go on and on with all the amazing ideas I found in this article. I can definitely see myself using a few of them in the future. Skype is a great tool to use in any type of classroom.



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