SPED 312

HISD struggles with lack of bilingual special-ed teachers

The moment I got accepted to the College of Education I knew I wanted to become a bilingual special education teacher. In the past few months, I’ve been searching for resources that can help me expand my knowledge on bilingual special education instruction. In the process of doing this I concluded that there aren’t that many bilingual special education teachers out there. The article I read confirms this issue. School districts throughout the country are having trouble finding bilingual teachers that have fulfilled the requirements to teach students in special education.

It is unfortunate that students with disabilities who have limited English skills are kept with a bilingual teacher for most of the day due to their special education teacher only knowing how to speak English. After reading this article, I can imagine how in the future I’m able to make an impact regarding this issue. The article also mentions how the majority of colleges don’t offer a bilingual special education programs for students like me. For example, in order for me to graduate as a bilingual special education teacher I need to take additional courses while in my program in order to get my bilingual endorsement. I truly believe there should be a different way for students to obtain this endorsement. At the end of the day, I’m just happy to know that one day I will be helping solve this issue and transforming education programs too.


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