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This could be beneficial for teachers who want to integrate mobility into their practice. The article mentions an app that teachers can use in order to expand their knowledge on mobility. It guides them throughout the whole process. It is important for educators to keep up to date with different technology tools the classroom can benefit from. This app seems great since it serves as an instructional guide for teachers. I can definitely see myself using tools like this in the future. Educators must prepare students for the future and mobility is part of the students’ future. 


The article gives out valuable advice on how to improve your professional practice. They mention how educators should constantly share what they learn or are using in class with others. I really liked how the article explained that educators are all learners. We can offer a good amount of ideas and continue to expand on those with others. Another topic mentioned in the article is care. Teachers shouldn’t teach students how to care but help them experience acts of caring. It also discusses how teachers should connect with others and discuss their own teaching experiences. This helps various teachers communicate about the challenges they have and challenges they have faced. This can help others solve their challenges. The advices mentioned in the article can truly make an impact on a teacher if they apply them. 


It is important for teachers to understand this issue. They might think that because the student does have a device they are able to work on any homework assigned to them. This may not be the cause. There are many things a teacher must take in consideration when using technology in their lessons and activities. It is great that districts are now providing internet access at the students’ home. This definitely helps teachers and students. Teachers can now integrate technology into their lessons and activities without worrying about the students having internet access at home. Students now have the opportunity to search academic related information and continue to expand their knowledge. It’s important for teachers to be aware of this topic since it can affect their instruction. Hopefully, this continues to be implemented in other states too. 


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