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This picture explains in a simple form how students’ can embrace their mistakes. I would love to put that picture in my future classroom and would totally recommend it to other educators.  I found the explanation of  deliberate practice very valuable. It reinforces that students should work out the areas they are having trouble with before continuing on higher level activities. Students mistakes make an impact on the teacher’s instruction. It basically allows the teacher to see what part of the lessons they must expand on and provide more  support. Teachers must show students what a mistake really should mean. Mistakes should be seen as helpful. A great thing that I liked from this article is how we should teach our students that the red pen is not bad. The article describes many other tips on how to teach students to embrace their mistakes.



This article mentions how teachers are required to fulfill a certain number of professional development hours each year. Often schools don’t provide to teachers the amount required of professional development. In addition, the school might not pay for the professional development. There are various ways schools supply professional development to teachers.  Before reading this article I wasn’t aware of all the options the school can provide their teachers with. This makes me think of what type of professional development opportunities my future school will offer me. At the end the article summarizes how professional development shouldn’t just be a checked-off box on a form but something that is put to use. We need to change how our system is educating educators. A teacher should demonstrate what they gained from their professional development in their classroom and school. I have always seen professional development as new opportunities to learn more about a concepts and teaching techniques. It is unfortunate how it has turned to be just a checked-off box on a form for some educators.


At the beginning of the semester I started working on my own personal learning network. I have to admit it does provide me with many resources. It also keeps me up to date with the latest technology devices that are being implemented into classrooms. I personally like Twitter. I find it easy to browse around and locate topics I want to read about by using the hashtag tool. I can basically connect on twitter from any technology device. Technology has made an impact of the ways we can access our personal learning networks. I really think every teacher should have his or her own personal learning network. I’m still working on receiving my teaching degree and I have already gained many useful tools and techniques to use in the future. I can’t imagine how much teachers who are already in a classroom will benefit from this. 


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