SPED 312

Technology + Assessments

          Technology has been and will continue to change various things within the education system. Technology has impacted on how assessments are given. In the past assessments were given on paper. Now we see more assessments being done using computers. The article describes various assessments used in different districts within the United States. I think it is important that educators are aware of the different assessments being used at other schools.

            One type of test is the computer-based assessment. This usually requires students to have good computer skills. There are grade levels that assign students to type an essay during the assessment. This type of test wants to see the students’ knowledge through this assessment. The educators don’t want students to have difficulties using the computer while they are trying to demonstrate their knowledge through this assessment.

            Another type of test is interactive assessments. The purpose of this assessment is to have students engaged. This test isn’t targeting the students’ motivation. The assessment is meant to show their abilities in the Common Core State Standards. An example the article mentions is if we want to figure out if students can edit text, we need to give them the opportunity to edit text and score his or her performance. Assessments that involve multiple choice usually don’t measure this way.

            The last test the article mentioned was adaptive assessments. These are personalized assessments. Basically, if the student answers correctly the following question will be harder. There was a district that uses adaptive assessment in order to identify students who are having difficulties in a certain area at the beginning of the year. Assessments could be helpful in this way when used correctly. Schools must recognize what type of assessments would benefit their student population. Personally, I believe students shouldn’t just be assessed with one assessment but multiple ones. This will provide educators with more accurate data. I’m confident that we will continue to see changes in the area of assessments in the next few years.


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