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Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher Conference

One of the things I look forward to in the future is conducting parent-teacher conferences. I know that many of the things taught in my education program will help me be prepared for teaching but there are many other things that I will learn on my own when teaching. Yes, I might observe parent-teacher conferences during these years but in order to completely learn I must experience leading a parent-teacher conference. One of the things that is described within the article How to get the most out of a parent-teacher conference is how there is a lack of training for teachers on how to have good communication with parents. Yet, in one of my education classes in college I was told communication between the teacher and parents is crucial for the student’s success. I find this to be an area that definitely needs to be improved since it doesn’t just affect the teacher but their students too.

The article mentions how a student’s education is a shared responsibility between the teacher and the parents. One of the things that is often seen is parents just listening to the teacher during┬áparent-teacher conferences. Parents play an important role in these conferences. Parents should share during this time what type of interests, activities, and clubs the student is involved in outside of school. A parent might think this type of information would be meaningless to a teacher but it can actually have a great impact on how the teacher instructs the student. For example, if a student loves to read about whales at home, the teacher can integrate this interest within their instruction. This can help increase participation within activities that the student can often find tedious. The teacher can also share tips on how to get the student involved and share access to resources that expand the student’s learning outside the classroom. Teachers should keep in mind that they shouldn’t just focus on academic performance. Many of the great things discussed in this article helped me have a better understanding of how a parent-teacher conference should include. There are still many amazing things I will learn through my education program and this is definitely one of the things I look forward on learning more about.